11/11 Crazy Week Sale Schedule


Wave 1: 11.08-11.18 

Pre-Order Sale


Board Game Master provide a great selection of pre-order games which are scheduled to arrive in December and afterwards with amazing low price. Forget about the long waiting and possible delay, the lowest ever pre-order will be a reason why you pre-order in Board Game Master.


Link: https://boardgamemaster.com.au/collections/11-11-pre-order-sale


Wave 2: 11.11-11.18 

Magic Spin

During the crazy week, when you come to visit Board Game Master, you can try your luck in our Magic Spin! The prizes include gift cards/brand new board games/free shipping. (You must sign up with Board Game Master to participate and redeem the prize. If you miss the chance to play it, please come back after one hour and you will have another chance).


Prize Redeem:

Gift Card (2aud/5aud/10aud):

  • You will receive a unique coupon on the screen after your spin. You need to keep this coupon in your laptop (Copy and Paste to your word document)
  • Please type this coupon code in the gift card/discount code bar in the customer information page and you will get the relevant amount off (Do not use paypal express/Google pay express).



    Free shipping: You will receive a coupon straight away. Just type this coupon code in the gift card/discount code bar in the customer information page (Do not use paypal express/Google pay express).


    Board Games: If you win a prize of board game, please email us (support@boardgamemaster.com.au) to provide your shipping infomation. The board game will be selected by Board Game Master and will be dispatched after the crazy week/or together with your order during the week. Our staff will email to confirm the shipping address with you before dispatch.


    All coupon code is unique and can only be used once so please do not share your code with other people. If you cannot find/remember your code afterwards, please email support@boardgamemaster.com.au or simply contact us in our facebook page for further help.


    Wave 3: 11.11-11.18

    Main Activity: Crazy Sale

    Come and see our big discount in some top-hit, new and classic board games! Gizmos, My little Scythe, Pandemic Legacy, you can find some surprise in this collection. Limited Stock! Do not let them slip through your fingers!


    All updated price in this collection will display from 12am 11/11 2018


    Link: https://boardgamemaster.com.au/collections/11-11-crazy-sales?sort_by=title-ascending


    Wave 4: 11.13-11.18

    Lucky Bag (has been delayed to 11.14)

    Lucky bags, also known as a fukubukuro, are highly sought after in Japan and by overseas fans because they're often limited, worth more than they cost, and are fun to open because their contents are usually a random surprise!


    Like the feeling of unpacking Christmas presents? Purchase BGM lucky bag and enjoy the fun and surprise! There are three different lucky bags (30aud/50aud/100aud) with 3-7 items, including a random selection of board games/accessories/toys/gift cards/tcg/lcg in each lucky bag (must have one board Game). All lucky bags would be packed and dispatched in the following week (19 Nov-25 Nov).


    Please note that lucky bag must be placed in a separate order from all other products.







    Wave 5: 11.16-11.18

    Gift Card Sale

    Did not get what you want in this sale? Do not worry! There would be a discount for gift cards so you can get it for your next purchase after this sale or as a Christmas Gift.

    All gift cards are virtual and would be sent by Email with a code on 19 Nov. So it cannot be used for the current sale!!!

    Please type this code in the gift card/discount code bar in the customer information page before payment to redeem (Do not use paypal express/Google pay express).

    There is no exchange when you use purchase so you won't get any refund if your purchase value is under the redeemed gift card value.



    Link: https://boardgamemaster.com.au/products/gift-card?variant=7624932524095