Shipping & Pickup

The delivery time can vary from 2 to 10 business days, but in most cases you should allow approximately 5 business days from the purchase date. 

Express Shipping: calculated based on Weight and Distance, please contact us if you need.

Shipping - Pre-Orders

Please note that Pre-Orders are sent on the products release date. The whole order is sent together, so any non pre-order items that you want before the release date have to be made as a separate order. If you have already ordered and would like your non pre-order items sent earlier, we require a second shipping payment



If you choose Local Pick Up, Our staff would contact you through text message in 1-3 business days to negotiate a pickup time with you.


Pickup time may vary: the order made on Mon-Wed would usually available to be picked up in the same week. The order made on Thursday and Friday might not be available to be picked up until the following week). If you do need to pick up the item urgently, please contact our staff after you place the order. We reserve the right to ask to see & copy details of your drivers licence as proof of identity.