• Wooly Wars

Wooly Wars

After 15 years, Wooly Wars has sold over half a million copies around the world—that’s a lot of little sheep!

Wooly Wars’ apparent simplicity belies a rich game, with levels of dif culty and strategy that change according to the players. Test your ability to hide your goal while bringing it to fruition—who will have the largest pen?

Enjoy it with the whole family! Kids can learn spatial reasoning while collecting sheep and having fun, while adults can focus on their herds and getting in each other’s way.

Play several times to explore the possibilities. Embody the shepherd you dream of: a bit of an artist, a ourishing breeder, or even a surly neighbor. It’s up to you!



2-4 players

Best game experience:

Age: 13+

Game Time: 30 min

Base game: