Through the Ages a New Story of Civilization



Lead your civilization from pyramids to space flights.

This is your chance to make history: You begin with a small tribe. As you expand your farms and mines, you lay the groundwork for technological advancements, better governments, and grand wonders. Your military might supports your political skill as you guide your civilization to greatness.


Hundreds of cards provide endless variability.

Various historical figures can lead your civilization in numerous directions. Use Napoleon's tactics to conquer your foes, then switch to the thoughtful power of Albert Einstein. Wonders such as the Hanging Gardens and the Transcontinental Railroad give each civilization its own character. And the card-drawing system ensures that every game will be unique.


The deep strategy game rewards planning and adaptability.

Thanks to the shuffling of the decks, each game will offer you different challenges. What is the most efficient way to build your economy while supporting a strong military and still keeping your people happy? Should you increase your culture steadily throughout the game, or can you rely on the opportunities of the 20th Century? All strategies are available to you, but the winner will be the player who can recognize and seize the advantages presented by each unique situation.


Rating: 8.63

2-4 players

Best game experience: 3 players

Age: 14+

Game Time: 180-240 min