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Terra Mystica




Enter a magical world where the inhabitants have the power to transform the terrain in which they live. In Terra Mystica, players strive to develop one of fourteen factions more successfully than their opponents. Each faction is bound to a specific type of terrain, and there’s not enough room for everyone. You must compete to claim valuable territory while altering the environment to meet your faction's needs. Expand your influence and build structures that provide valuable resources like workers, priests, money, and power. Adapt to the evolving challenges and claim your territory!



With fourteen artfully-designed factions and different bonus cards in play each game, Terra Mystica presents unique challenges and many paths to victory. Build more basic Dwellings to have many workers on hand, or upgrade your Dwellings into other structures that provide their own unique benefits. Build temples to gain more influence in the cults of fire, water, earth, and air. Or ensure that you have a constant flow of money by building trading houses. Whatever strategy you choose, make use of the resources at your disposal to perform the actions that will forge a path for your faction.



Aside from being bound to a single type of terrain, the denizens of the world of Terra Mystica have unique traits. Some are in tune with the magic of the world, while others are skilled at engineering and transforming the world around them. Take into account your faction's special abilities when plotting your strategy. You might play as the Witches and gain victory points when founding Towns. Or you might be the imposing Giants and terraform the landscape with ease. Each faction adds their own flavor to the game, providing unique challenges—and opportunities—to the players bold enough to lead them.



No matter what faction you control, you must carve out a place for them in the world. Use your workers and spend accumulated power to open space for expansion and transform the environment. As you spread across the board, unite your scattered settlements into a massive colony by building bridges and replacing unforgiving terrain with a more hospitable environment. The faction covering the largest area scores bonus points at the end of the game. Fight for space and develop the most advanced faction to win the game!  


Rating: 8.24

2-5 players

Best game experience: 4 players

Age: 14+

Game Time: 60-150 min

Base game: