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Sweet Jenny is a gambling game played in the world of Théah, the setting of the 7th Sea roleplaying game, and is inspired by classic card games. As a game itself, Sweet Jenny is a mix of poker, blackjack and threecard monte using it's own unique deck. It combines strategy, bluffing, mindgames and blind luck to create a chaotic and fun diversion for sailors, dockhands and slumming nobles alike.

Each round, each player antes up and is dealt a single card facedown. The dealer also lays out a number of facedown cards into the middle of the play area. Over three phases, players secretly spy their own or middle cards, swap out cards, or discard their cards, in the attempt to manipulate the splay of cards. To win the round, a player must end up with the highest hand without going over 17.

The winner of the hand wins the antes. The holder of the most ante coins when another player has none left wins the game. The game gets more complex with unique role cards that give players more powers to manipulate cards and the board.


Rating: 7.80

2-6 players

Best game experience:

Age: 10+

Game Time: 15-20 min

Base game: