Sorcerer Base Game

Sorcerer is a 2-4 player dark fantasy game from the creators of Star Realms. This new character building game combines the best elements of a strategy card game and a tactical board game to create a whole new play experience!


At the start of the game, each player will create a unique sorcerer by combining one of the 4 Character Decks (which shows who you are) with one of the 4 Lineage Decks, (which represents the style of magic you inherited) and one of the 4 Domain Decks (which reveal where you honed your magical powers).


Shuffle those cards together to form your Grimoire, which contains your dark magic and evil minions and you are ready to play!


Each deck also comes with a skill card. Together, they show your true name. For example, you might be Ariaspes the Demonologist of the Outcast Sanctuary.


There are 64 possible deck combinations in the base game alone, each with a unique blend of skills and game cards. Every different match-up provides an exciting new game experience! If you want an even greater variety of possible sorcerers, just add on Character, Lineage and Domain expansion decks.


Each turn of the game, players alternate spending actions to play spells, draw cards, gain energy, or play minions.


There are three different battlefields in the game (representing different sections of Victorian London). When you play a minion, you must decide which battlefield to put it in. It will only be able to fight and use its abilities in that battlefield. If you later decide you need it elsewhere, you may spend an action to move it to a neighboring battlefield.


After all player actions have been spent, minions do battle, rolling combat dice equal to their power, damaging or destroying enemy minions or even capturing the battlefield itself. If you capture 2 of the 3 battlefields, you win the game!


Rating: 8.55

2-4 players

Best game experience: 2 players

Age: 12+

Game Time: 30-90 min

Base game: