Professor Evil and The Citadel of Time

Professor Evil built a time machine to steal some of some of historys most famous treasures and its your job to rescue them! Hes locked them away in his spooky castle and devised a series of sinister traps to keep them safe.


Professor Evil and The Citadel of Time is a cooperative game: Team up with your fellow adventurers to sneak into the mansion and recover the treasures.  Plan carefully and use your unique skills to unlock doors. Deactivate the traps, distract the Professor and stay out of his way.


Youll have to work together if you want to beat him! Can you grab the Mona Lisa, The Rosetta Stone and Excalibur before time runs out, or will these priceless artefacts be lost forever? The race is on!


Rating: 6.74

2-4 players

Best game experience: 4 players

Age: 8+

Game Time: 30-45 min

Base game: