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The spineless King Yurik succumbed to the ancient evil that whispered in the catacombs beneath his once-great city. Now, who will fulfill the prophecy and destroy the demon king who sits atop the burning throne?

Choose a character: The rightful heir, the vengeance seeker, the disgraced king’s guard, or the trained evil-slayer.

Defeat the Lord of Demon’s minions to build up your character. Choose the right monster fights at the right times to get the gear and stat upgrades you’ll need to find the perfect strategy.

But beware! The fights get tougher as you go. Encountering the Demon Lord himself will be the ultimate test …

Only one hero is truly destined to purify the Sanctum.

Is it you?

Sanctum is a competitive epic adventure game for 2 to 4 players.

The game is inspired by hack-and-slash RPG video games, and there are plenty of dice rolls … but don’t let that fool you. This is a highly strategic game where players must pick their battles carefully and figure out the best combination of items and stat strengths to be the biggest, baddest hero of the bunch.

Every player’s turn is a chance to defeat a demon minion — but first you have to choose which one, since each kind of demon can give you different benefits if you beat it. Plus, every defeated demon minion is a decision point about what direction to take your character build in. What skills will you unlock? What items will you use?

—description from the publisher