• Lost Explorers

Lost Explorers



BREAKING NEWS! A lost world has been discovered and clues leading to its secret entrance have been disseminated all around the world. Your goal? Find them! Driven only by your courage, you decide to follow in their footsteps and launch a worldwide expedition but, beware! You're not the only one on this quest...

You now know that your goal is to be the first player to collect the 4 clues needed to locate the entrance to the lost world. Represented by magnifying glasses, the clues are found by following the footsteps of the two explorers. You have a choice: follow only one trail or both at the same time.

But how do players follow those trails? By completing Missions.

During each turn, you will send out Expedition Members do one of two things: pick up Vehicle tokens (front side up) or Mission tokens (unknown back side) in the Equipment areas; or move them on the World Map to reach the Locations specified on your Mission tokens by using your Vehicle tokens.

Each Mission token offers a unique combination of Locations. When a mission is completed, the Mission tokens allow you to get closer to the explorers' trails.