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【Place on order】Hugos Hodgepodge - Hempels Sofa



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The twisty-turny path through the chaos

So much junk in Hempel’s house! And right in the middle of it all is Hugo Hempel, who is making his way through the chaos. The players try to help him reach the objects they are looking for. To do this they need to keep track of things and have a good memory, and must not step on each other’s stuff. The first player to pick up four objects wins.


1 game board,

1 sofa,

1 table,

1 chest of drawers,

1 floor lamp,

1 “Hugo Hempel” play figure (+ 2 silicone feet and 1 wooden cylinder),

66 chaos cards,

4 card stands,

1 set of instructions.


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