Patchwork is a 2 player game. Your job is to make the best patchwork quilt on your game board with a 9×9 grid.


Patchwork plays fast, the instructions are fairly simple, and the game does not imply lots of strategy and deep thinking. However, doing well in Patchwork is not that easy. Many patches have peculiar shape, which is something you have to take into account while building your quilt. If it is uneven and there are blank spaces, you will lose points.


You have to keep an eye on your opponent because they are more than likely to accidentally grab the patch you desperately need! You cannot have a successful strategy if you think only about your own quilt and ignore your opponent’s actions.


Rating: 7.76

2 players

Best game experience: 2 players

Age: 8+

Game Time: 15-30 min

Base game: