• Mysthea Essential Edition

Mysthea Essential Edition



Survive the mysteries and perils of an ancient planet shaken by bizarre forces.

Mysthea is the iconic eurogame that launched the Mysthea universe, brought to the public in this Essential edition.

Mysthea is an area management and hand building eurogame from Tabula Games, in which time-tested euro mechanics receive a modern twist and are infused with strong thematic flair.

Fight for control of unexplored floating islands, places full of anomalies and strange phenomena. 

Gather your powers to make entire islands move.

Join forces to fight the terrible monsters that inhabit them by creating an army and strongholds on these new frontiers.

Mechanics such as the dynamic map, player customization, asymmetrical gameplay and variable scoring system ensure endless strategic possibilities, combined with an in-depth story and richly themed design. 

The game includes premium components with unique cards and 71 highly detailed miniatures.

  • 2-5 Players
  • 120-150 Min Play Time
  • Ages 14+