• Lawyer Up - Godfather Expansion

Lawyer Up - Godfather Expansion

Since 1920, the Bureau of Prohibition has tried to curtail the rampant prostitution, gambling, bootlegging and liquor consumption in AC which all goes unenforced by local police. The Bureau’s investigation has led to a slew of recent arrests and the evidence continues to pile up against Carmine and his racketeering enterprise.  With 22 Witness cards, 6 Strategies, a 54 case deck, and a 24 card Dossier, The Godfather case challenges the Prosecution to prove that Carmine Monacellis is racketeering in prohibition era Atlantic City.  This expansion introduces brand new mechanics with the Dossier deck. As players win witnesses, they are able to reveal or discard the top card of the Dossier.  The Prosecution needs to prove Carmine’s Mafia connections by revealing these cards while avoiding the powerful criminal activities such as “Swim with the Fishes” that the Defense has hidden in the deck.