Last Will Getting Sacked!

The lawyers have found a hidden clause in your Uncles last will. Spending money faster than all your relatives will no longer be enough. To inherit your Uncles fortune, you must also lose your job! After all, your Uncles fortune cant go to someone whos busy being employed.

With this expansion, you begin the game with an employment card that provides you with a regular income each turn and a number of things you must do in order to get fired. When you miss work, your boss is inclined to be charitable because he liked your Uncle and hes sorry for your loss. To make him angry, you need to get caught living it up when you should be working!

You will also have a chance to find yourself a good, demanding wife. A wedding is such a romantic way to spend piles of money in a hurry, right? The expansion contains a set of nuptial cards. So get down on one knee and pop the question!

Each game can also have a different planning board to bring additional variety to the game. When you set up the game boards, you randomly select 8 plan tiles that will be used in the game C some of which require three errand boys C for a true gentleman is too busy to do everything himself!

Rating: 7.53
2-5 players
Best game experience: 4 players
Age: 14+
Game Time: 45-75 min
Base game: Last Will