The Fox is pure cunning. Hunters come and go, too slow to catch the likes of him. If the Fox can last the day, the hunting party will go home. They always do.


The Master of Hounds is a veteran huntsman. He's run his quarry to ground a thousand times. His dogs – Bulldog, Terrier, and Foxhounds – are ready to run, and trained for the chase


This short video teaches everything you need to know to play Hounded. In addition to watching it here in your browser, you can check it out on YouTube or download a full HD version (600MB) to play on your TV, in your store, or anywhere else you can play, display, or project video.


Hounded is a smart, asymmetrical game for two players, with surprising depth and great replayability. The Fox player must elude pursuers while the Master of Hounds commands a diverse hunting party with a variety of capabilities. Both compete over a playing field where different tiles are discovered and turned up, with varied effects.


The Fox must avoid capture until three time tiles, or 43 tiles of any kind, have been revealed. The Master of Hounds must trap the Fox or force him to end a turn adjacent to the Master himself.


Wildly portable and with a small footprint, Hounded is the perfect grab–and–go game for coffee shops, restaurants, the library, and more.


Rating: 6.86

2 players

Best game experience: 2 players

Age: 13+

Game Time: 15-25 min

Base game: