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Fastrack is a new kind of sports game. Part hockey, part archery, it’s sure to produce rapid action and loads of fun. The game consists of a wooden tray with an elastic band across each end and a bridge in the middle with a slot opening. Each side starts with 5 wooden discs. Using only one hand and the elastic band, players shoot the discs across to the other side. The first to successfully clear all 10 to the opponent’s side wins the round. While skill is essential to come out on top, so is luck because the disks can bounce off each other or bounce off your opponent’s elastic and right back to your side. It’s a fast-paced frenzy! You better ride the fine line between speed and accuracy to win. Fastrack is high quality, durable, and made of wood. The retro racing checkerboard motif revs up the fun!

  • For Ages 5+
  • Play with 2 Players
  • Plays in about 10 Mins


  • 1 Wooden Track
  • 10 Wooden Discs
  • 1 Pouch
  • Illustrated Rules


  • Improves dexterity, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • No reading required
  • A fast-action game inspired by air hockey


  • Cool & retro racing themed design
  • 100% wood & safe, water based paint
  • Multi-award winning game (Dr. Toy 10 Best Games, ASTRA Best Toy For Kids,
  •  Parents’ Choice Approved Award…)