• 【Place-On-Order】The Curse of the Pirate Gold

【Place-On-Order】The Curse of the Pirate Gold



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Bold adventurers have found a bag full of gold on a mysterious island. Unfortunately among the gold pieces are also cursed coins that summon the feared pirate Captain Black. The player who, with some luck, draws the most gold coins from the bag and stows them in their wooden box is a step ahead. But watch out for the cursed black pirate gold!



  • 1 pirate ship (hull and cardboard sail)
  • 1 treasure island (= box base with 2 partition walls + 1 game board)
  • 1 fabric bag
  • 50 coins (42 gold coins, 8 black coins)
  • 40 treasure chest cards (35 filled chests and 5 empty chests)
  • 13 parrot cards
  • 1 set of instruction