• Omen - Tale of the Ancient
  • Omen - Tale of the Ancient
  • Omen - Tale of the Ancient

Omen - Tale of the Ancient



The gods are both wise and cruel, beyond the comprehension of those that would look upon them with fear and reverence. Tales of their exploits echo throughout time, an ageless record of their power and glory. But who among mortals will they choose as their emissary?

Omen: Tales of the Ancients expands the Omen Saga of games created by John Clowdus. Featuring all-new Reward tiles, players will command the otherworldly might of the gods they seek to honor.

This expansion is fully compatible with, and requires any stand alone Omen Saga game to play.

Key Points
- Head to Head demigod battles for supremacy of ancient Greece.
- Tactical battle card-game where every unit has its own unique ability.
- All new Reward Tiles, compatible with any other stand alone game in the Omen Saga.


Rank: 7.5

2 players

Best: / players

30 min

Age: 12+

Base game: Omen: A Reign of War

Expansion: /