• Bloodborne - Chalice Dungeon Expansion

Bloodborne - Chalice Dungeon Expansion

The Chalice Dungeon is a well-known location filled with all manner of terrifying monsters. Hunters often delve into its twisting halls, looking to slay these awful creatures. The foray culminates in finding and unlocking the dungeon’s boss room. Within, Hunters will be put to the ultimate test. Who will come out alive? The Chalice Dungeon for Bloodborne: The Board Game gives players a new way to experience the game. Instead of a long campaign, the Chalice Dungeon lets players participate in one-off hunts. Their goal: find and defeat the dungeon’s boss. Along the way, they must prepare, upgrading their Hunter as they go. For players looking for a quicker game experience, this is the perfect expansion to have.

Key Selling Points:

  • Instead of a whole campaign, players participate in faster games where the goal is to simply find the dungeon's boss and kill it.
  • This set includes new Hunters as well as new Monsters for them to face off against. It includes the Hunter's Trick Weapon dashboards as well as Firearm cards, making them ready to play in this, or any game of Bloodborne: The Board Game.
  • The Chalice Dungeon expansion comes with 35 highly-detailed miniatures representing the Hunters as well as the Monsters that they'll find while going through the twisty passages of the dungeon. 


  • 35 Miniatures
  • 19 Standard Cards
  • 70 Mini Cards
  • 7 Tarot-sized Cards
  • 12 Tiles
  • 4 Player Screens
  • 4 Trick Weapon Dashboards
  • 1 Rules Leaflet

Ages 14+

60-90 Min Play Time

1-4 Players