Ascension Deliverance


In Ascension: Deliverance, the world of dreams has become a living nightmare. With the portal between dreams and reality opened, the world has descended into madness. Only you can harness the power needed to close the portal to the Dreamscape and restore the world to order.


Players now start the game with an additional card, Dreamseeker, granting them additional Insight over the course of the game. Phantasm cards are also new to Ascension, allowing players to gain their effects while they are in the center row. And, finally, Dreambind Monsters can be acquired once defeated by paying their Insight cost.


Players familiar with previous Ascension sets will be happy to see the return of Transform cards. If you can pay the Transform cost of a card, it becomes an even more powerful version of itself!


Rating: 8.4

1-4 players

Best game experience: /

Age: 13+

Game Time: 30 min

Base game: /

Expansion: Ascension: Ascension: Deliverance – Verza'Tull, The Voidwyrm Promo Card; Ascension: Alliances