Adventure Island



It could have been so great! A nice, comfortable journey on a luxurious ship...


Unfortunately, your ship got hit by a storm on the way to India and sank. With your last bit of strength and a huge amount of luck, you made it to the banks of a desert island. Through a miracle, you are not hurt, but you are exhausted and disheartened. How will you escape from this unfamiliar desert island? Or maybe the island is not so deserted after all? As a group of shipwrecked passengers, you need to survive, explore the island, and find a way home.


Adventure Island tells a continuous story in multiple parts. Players have to work together to survive. Their decisions influence the development of the story and add new elements to the game. Achievements reached throughout the game unlock permanent bonuses. With so much to explore and no destruction of components, Adventure Island can be played over and over again.


Rating: 6.5

2-5 players

Best game experience: 5 players

Age: 10+

Game Time: 45-90 min

Base game: /

Expansion: Adventure Island: Santa Claus