• 【Pre-Order】The White Castle Matcha Expansion

【Pre-Order】The White Castle Matcha Expansion



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Gain more influence by placing your clan members in the tea room. 

1-4 Players  |  90-110 Mins  |  Ages 12+

The tea ceremony lies at the heart of Japanese culture, giving life the most essential and elemental concepts of hospitality, respect, and Zen philosophy. There, they believe that tea, which came from China in the 13th century, resolved the health problems of the Buddhist monks who drank it. Over the years, the tea ceremony evolved to offer the samurai a place of calm, far from the chaos of the battlefield.

In The White Castle: Matcha, you will have to deal with a new place in which to influence the court using new members of your clan. Having members of your clan in good seats within the Chashitsu (tea room) will help you achieve a greater level of influence within the court of Himeji. Also, you will have one additional action each round. Will that be enough?