• 【Pre-Order】Patrician Towers of Influence

【Pre-Order】Patrician Towers of Influence



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Get to the fun quickly with an elegant design that allows players to learn Patrician: Towers of Influence ™ in mere minutes, while incorporating enough strategy to be engaging for players of all ages.

Bring everyone together! A single game of Patrician: Towers of Influence ™ can entertain up to five players, allowing flexibility for larger families and gaming groups to share the experience.

Playing cards and stacking towers is the core of Patrician: Towers of Influence ™, providing unique and fun gameplay swathed in a beautiful historic classic Italian art style.


With its simple ruleset and engaging, ever-changing gameplay, Patrician: Towers of Influence ™ is the perfect weight to satisfy all audiences, from families and casual players to dedicated gamers.

Patrician: Towers of Influence ™ provides a light strategic experience with toyetic features, easy to grasp by consumers using the back of the box demo, and is ideal for players of all experience levels.

Includes two optional Advanced Gameplay Modules that increase the strategy and add ways to gain points.


Product Description


Welcome to 13th Century Italy, a time when wealthy Patrician families build magnificent towers to represent their power and prosperity: the more influential the family, the taller the tower! You are a master builder, ready to profit from the vanity of the Patrician families. You take building orders, adding floor after floor, and when a tower is complete, you’ll be there to take the credit. At the end of the game, the builder with the most victory points wins!


Patrician: Towers of Influence ™ is delightfully effortless to play. Each turn, play a Building card, which allows you to add to a tower in the matching city. Some cards allow you to take special actions that help you or hinder others. Next, take the face-up card from the pile next to the city where you just built a tower. As the game goes on, towers will grow and points are scored for who controls the tallest towers in each city, as well as for playing Patrician portrait card sets. In the end, the builder with the most points wins!

• 1 Game board
• 149 Tower pieces
• 20 Prestige tokens
• 55 Building cards
• 6 Trade Route markers
• 4 Delegates cards
• 24 Bonus Prestige tokens
• Rules