The Staufer Dynasty


In the 12th and 13th Centuries, the Staufer family built a great dynasty that stretched from the North and Baltic seas to the southern shores of Italy. To rule such a vast empire, Henry VI traveled with his entourage, putting 2,500 miles behind them in a single year. In The Staufer Dynasty, players embody the noble princes that accompany Henry VI as he rules on horseback. As you travel, strive to increase your influence by occupying seats in offices of the six regions within his Royal Majestys Empire. With skills and foresight, grasp the reins of power to hold these seats and score victory points. Keep your opponents at bay and make history!



The Staufer Dynasty is a deeply strategic game of jockeying for position. Players must strike a balance between taking supply actions to draw Envoys and Nobles into their courts, then deploy them to empty office seats. The earlier a figure is assigned to a certain task, the sooner the figure can perform it. Further, assigning figures to claim seats in the six provinces scores points, but also ensures those figures are lower in the turn order the next round. Choose the right moments to supply and deploy so that you maximize your points while blocking your opponents. Play well and become an influential prince while relegating your opponents to the footnotes of history!


Rating: 7.20

2-5 players

Best game experience: 4 players

Age: 13+

Game Time: 40-100 min

Base game: