Sailing Toward Osiris


Pharaoh is dead and his funerary barge sails slowly down the Nile toward his tomb where his spirit will stand before the judgement of Osiris. With no heirs, tradition holds that the governor to bury the Pharaoh will become the next ruler, and in order to gain the privilege of interring the late king, the governors compete to build monuments to Pharaoh's glory so that Osiris will favor his spirit in the afterlife.


Sailing Toward Osiris is a worker placement game for 2-5 players where you and your friends will be gathering resources, using favors from the gods, and utilizing citizen powers to build monuments on the River Nile. Not only must you use your actions wisely, you must also time them for the most efficient play. Gain bonus points for building a monument next to the Pharaoh's barge. Or build your monuments in certain configurations to get bonus points at the end of the game.


Rating: 7.39

2-5 players

Best game experience: 4 players

Age: 14+

Game Time: 60 min

Base game: