• Pyramid of Pengqueen

Pyramid of Pengqueen

After hearing the tale of the lost Pyramid of Pengqueen, brave adventurers set out to claim its magical treasures. Months of searching led the penguins to Pyramid of Pengqueen.

As soon as the penguins entered the pyramid, its gate slammed shut, sending a resounding echo down the darkened halls. The echo slowly faded away, and a new sound took its place… voice whispered from the darkness...

"Foolish penguinsss, I may be old, but I still have the powerrr to drag you down into my tomb for all eternityyy!"

The Mummy has stirred from its slumber, and now the penguins must move fast! Only the correct collection of magical objects will break the mummy’s curse!

Inside the box


  • 1 magnetic board
  • 1 magnetic mummy figure (in two parts)
  • 4 magnetic treasure hunter pieces (red, green, blue and yellow)
  • 12 life tokens with torch symbols (3 in each player colour)
  • 2 small game inserts (1 for the mummy side, 1 for the treasure hunter side)
  • 5 treasure hunter dice (white)
  • 1 mummy die (black)
  • 23 treasure cards (5 in yellow, green, grey, and 4 in red and purple)