• 【Place-On-Order】Until Daylight
  • 【Place-On-Order】Until Daylight
  • 【Place-On-Order】Until Daylight

【Place-On-Order】Until Daylight

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Until Daylight is a cooperative survival card game from 3 to 6 players. Your goal: Survive ten waves of enemies and save at least one survivor.

During the game you can find and exchange objects, weapons, and ammunition with other characters and build traps or barricades to protect yourself and ensure your survival as a group. Your reflexes, your sense of strategy, and your ability to survive will be tested. Every character you may embody is unique, has its advantage and drawback that will enhance the game with strong and intense moments. Search, fight, survive will quickly become your motto.

Your first games should be difficult and you will probably die. Don’t worry, it’s normal, surviving the apocalypse is anything but easy. Every attempt will teach you a little more about mechanics and strategic priorities.

Until Daylight is a game where every action counts and where time will be very cruel. In some phases you will only have a few seconds to react before the horde falls on you.

Cooperative, the game will give you the opportunity to help your comrades in danger and allow you to request their support at the appropriate times.

You win the game if the following 3 conditions are met:
• All characters survived the 10 rounds.
• All enemies revealed in the game are eliminated.
• The group saved at least one survivor

Until Daylight is a cooperative game. However, players may disagree on which strategy to adopt. In these circumstances, the group leader decides what action will be carried out for the party.
The player with the most experience points is the group leader.



Rating: 8.67


Best game experience: / players

Age: 14+

Game Time: 60-180min

Base game: