Bottom of the 9th

It's the bottom of the ninth inning. The game is tied. It's down to the home team to score one run to win it all. Unfortunately, the home team is staring down the league's best closer.


A dice and card game for two players, Bottom of the 9th brings all the excitement of the final three outs of a baseball game into a compact 5-20 minute game session. With variable player strengths, bluffing/deduction, and die-rolling, only the pitcher knows what's coming and the batter needs to keep his eyes peeled. Bottom of the 9th is played over the course of three outs, or four hits (for one run scored) — whichever occurs first.


Rating: 6.9

1-2 players

Best game experience: 2 players

Age: 13+

Game Time: 5-20 min

Base game:

Expansion: Bottom of the 9th: Bottom of the 9th Sentinels of the Ninth; Bottom of the 9th: Pitchers Pack; Bottom of the 9th: Clubhouse Expansion; Bottom of the 9th: Hitters Pack