• My First Adventure - Finding the Dragon

My First Adventure - Finding the Dragon

My First Adventure is a collection of books that offers you interactive bedtime stories that change at every reading. Read it with children from the age of 4 (and up) and share great adventures. 

Read the book, as you would any other story book, until you reach a page split into 3.

Open the book and choose your character by turning the red wheel. And now, you are ready to start the adventure !

Just read left to right from the first page as you would a normal book. Soon, you will face choices. When a page is cut in three, each part will present you with a choice. Make your decision and flip the part you want to explore. In your story, you may find some objects to keep by turning the colored wheels. Continue the reading and choosing until the end of the book and discover your ending.

Once the story is over, you can start again and live a brand new adventure, with any of the three character you wish !


  • A children’s version of “books in which you are the hero”
  • Replayable bedtime stories
  • Collection of books: 4 books already available, 2 books released each year


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