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Merchants & Marauders: Seas of Glory adds eleven new modules to bring even more depth to your quest to become an influential merchant or a dreaded pirate. Mix and match different challenges, such as changing winds and managing crew loyalty, to refresh your search for fame and fortune. Each module adds a new layer of thematic flavor and gives you even more control over the path you take. For example, smuggling contraband is easier than selling cargo to score Glory Points, but also draws the attention of naval ships, making for an intense cat-and-mouse game at sea.  However you combine these modules, Seas of Glory gives you countless more options when charting your course for glory.



In addition to new challenges, Seas of Glory also raises the stakes with new ship customization options. Make your vessel even more deadly with Special Weapons or gain critical bonuses with Ship Modificationswhether by adding dice to your Scouting rolls or ensuring your crew stays loyal by making mutineers walk the plank. Combined with seventeen new captains and a medium-sized Brig ship, the options in Seas of Glory provide even more ways to make truly memorable Merchants & Marauders experiences. 



Rating: 8.38

2-4 players

Best game experience: 3-4 players

Age: 13+

Game Time: 180 min

Base game: Merchants & Marauders