Brain Games the Game

Challenge your brain! See how you stack up in 4 mind-bending categories.


National Geographic Channel's Brain Games unlocks the science behind the mysteries of why we say, see, feel, and act the way we do! Whether you're going HEAD-TO-HEAD against another player or playing solo, you will discover loopholes in YOUR perception of REALITY.


In Brain Games, players take turns rolling a die to move 1-3 spaces and then try to pass the mind-bending challenge from the category (Logic, Language, Vision, or Mind & Body) they landed on to earn a token. The first player to get a token in each category wins the game! But be careful, the Head-To-Head challenges make you choose an opponent to take the challenge with but only the winner gets the token.


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3-6 players

Best game experience: 4-5 players

Age: 14+

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