• Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Anniversary Collection Set 2024 (Strict Release Date 16 Feb 2024)

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Anniversary Collection Set 2024 (Strict Release Date 16 Feb 2024)



7 years have passed since FFFTCG “Opus series” made its way to the West, enabling players to experience one of the best card games out there and build a community like no other.

After a successful first “Anniversary Set”, we are proud to bring a  brand new, packed to the brim iteration to the table. The 2024 Anniversary Collection Set comes in a stylish outer box  featuring Zack, Cloud and Sephiroth from the critically-acclaimed Crisis Core: FINAL FANTASY VII Reunion, and which doubles up as a mid-sized storage unit.

The box includes a meticulously designed 50-card deck ready to play, along with a staggering 200 fan-favorite cards ranging all the way from Opus I up to Resurgence of power (Opus XVIII). On top of this, 3 copies of a new “Anniversary 24” commemorative promo card are included as premium full-art, totaling 253 cards!

This new entry in the Anniversary Collection series is the perfect bundle for new players to join in, while also offering a ton of value to FFTCG veterans and collectors. 

Additionally, the set offers 3 kinds of new promotional cards, with one copy of each design as a premium full-art. And if it weren’t enough, 12 Legend cards make a grand return with  two copies of each included in the set (1 standard & 1 full-art).


▪ Mid-sized storage box -This is the sealed outer box that the product comes in. This box is intended to be reused as a storage box after opening.

▪ Preconstructed Deck (Ice/Lightning): 50 cards 

(Reprint cards: 41 cards, New promo cards: 3 kinds, 3 cards each, for a total of 9 cards. There is 1 premium full art included with each kind of promo cards.)

▪ Reprint cards: 200 cards (Opus I to Opus XVIII)

▪ Commemorative promo card: 1 type x3 

(All three cards are premium full-art.)

▪ Total of 253 cards physically included in this set.

▪ Quick Starter Guide: 1

▪ Reversible Paper Play Mat: 1

Promo List

Commemorative promo card

▪ [PR-158] Snow & Lightning: 3 cards, all Premium Full Art cards

Promo cards included in the prebuilt deck 

(1 of each premium full-art)

▪ [PR-155] Laguna x3

▪ [PR-156] Zack x3

▪ [PR-157] Aerith x3

Reprint Legend cards 

(2 copies each with 1 full art std)

▪ [11-064L] Ursula x2

▪ [12-116L] Locke x2

▪ [12-119L] Y’shtola x2

▪ [13-002L] Akstar x2

▪ [13-028L] Physalis x2

▪ [14-042L] Bismarck, Lord of the Mists x2

▪ [14-102L] Leviathan, Lord of the Whorl x2

▪ [14-122L] Al-Cid x2

▪ [15-084L] Robel-Akbel x2

▪ [16-088L] Black Waltz 3 x2

▪ [16-100L] Y’shtola x2

▪ [18-100L] Lenna x2